Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Another favorite sites for wedding ideas. Vintage/ rustic

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Wrinkle in Time

Give it a couple of years and guaranteed my wall decorations will be full of family photos. Starting with our wedding. I hope to set them in nice frames and maybe be a bit creative with the order I put them as. I like the initials in the middle of the frame or at the beginning. S would be fantastic; I may even use the guest S that everyone signs at our wedding. The S will be a soft green color with pink pen. It would be a nice idea we could possibly try. Below are some photos of decoration ideas that I would like to have.

Internet exploring extravaganza!

Ok so I have been on the search for weddings and vintage. Vintage is my theme and wedding is what I'm doing! I found this website for which I have seen some of the photos from pinterest: http://greenweddingshoes.com/real-wedding-catie-bens-vintage-inspired-backyard-wedding/

Everything about her wedding was beautiful. Her photos, her details, her decorations, she has brilliantly made her wedding shine with a 1940s vintage theme. Classy!

Decoration and guest photos.

One of my new favorite ideas for the guest. Is to take photos of themselves using the new photobooth idea that is making a big move around the world. Also if you must have your decoration in photos here are a little of my ideas. Just remember only one or two good ones of your decorations and you will be more pleased.

A little bit of photography Ideas I like

Sorry for the photos. I did use my iPhone to take the pictures.

Photography Counts

Photos are very important for your wedding. Now a days people are starting to do photos before their wedding. My fiancé and I plan on it. We hope to have only a few good photos that will hang on the wall instead of being stacked in the attic. I want to be able to see my photos and show my family and guest who come to visit. Photos count! For those of you who are brides the photos that count the most are the few good couple and bridal party photos. You don't want to have many of your guests or of your decorations they do not matter as much as you and your husband to be. Be creative and have fun. DIYs are always the best and themes, are fun. My theme is vintage with a bit of rustic flair. Do what is you and make the most of your big day!

One of my Favorite Videos

This video is a view of the Roaring 1920's Jazz Age. One of my favorite decades. It was a time for change in the young society. In with the new and out with the old. Young woman were known as partiers as well as being classy. They loved style and music and many woman were becoming noticed into high society during this age of time.


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